A doctor explains C. diff

Clostridium difficile is one of the most common hospital-acquired infections in the United States. In this C. diff book, Professor J. Thomas Lamont, M.D., of Harvard Medical School uses plain English to explain the disease, how you can get C. diff, and C. diff treatment options.

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This book answered all of my questions and I would recommend it to anyone (and their family members) who have had the horrible disease that is C. diff.


When I learned in 2013 that I had C. diff, I found this little book to be a lifesaver ... The book is WELL WORTH its nominal cost!


When I was diagnosed, my husband looked at the library & bookstores. Finally, my daughter went to Amazon. I wish I'd had this book long ago.


This has been the best information yet. I am a former C. diff patient. My mother is currently hospitalized with it. We now know what to do for her and how to protect others over the next few months.


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